Musings as a candidate

people gathered outside for the event, gwen's signs in the yard.

When it became clear that this would be a contested race for At Large School Committee, I admit that it seemed a bit daunting. That feeling quickly dissipated as I formed our election committee and began to campaign in earnest. I pause now to thank our little but mighty committee – Kim Gerould, Campaign Chair, Alice Hearst, Campaign Treasurer, Jason Hefner and Jonathan Daube, Campaign Consultants. Our regular meetings have been productive and fun – thank you all! A BIG thank you to all the donors and all the folx who willingly put the campaign sign in their yard.  And to everyone who has expressed their support and asked the right questions about the campaign and generally, the Northampton Public Schools.

When I first ran in 2021, I did so NOT only because I’d had experience in the district, but because I foresaw the “fiscal cliff” and the challenges ahead for securing adequate funding.  That reason has fueled me to go for reelection. There are no easy answers, but there must be a collective effort in our community for advocating and lobbying the various funding sources, and for speaking to friends who may or may not have a full understanding of the challenges.

What has been so heartening has been driving around Northampton, Florence, and Leeds, delivering yard signs and having incredibly warm and interesting conversations with so many of the residents of our city. Many do know that we’re faced with a potential crisis of funding, as well as staffing, and retaining our educators – staff, faculty, and administrators. The great news is that we have a truly wonderful – smart, experienced, competent, kind, and caring superintendent in Dr. Portia Bonner. She is a great leader, and she needs our support! Please feel free to contact me –, 413-478-9590, with any questions, ideas, concerns. And Dr. Bonner is available by email too

Enjoy the beautiful week ahead!



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